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About me

Maria D'Amico Illustrator Artist


I'm an Artist and Yoga Teacher, based in London. 


I love collaborating with people to create inspiring artwork for educational, political, and commercial purposes.  

I am also a Yoga teacher, and have studied Hatha, Egyptian and Rocket yoga styles. I have been teaching for 2 years. As a woman of dual heritage (Nigerian and Italian) I have a duty to support the empowerment and healing of other women and people from racially and ethnically minoritised groups. Yoga has become a way of life for me, giving me tools to reveal my truth and nature. I have a duty to share the tools and help people form a compassionate relationship with their true self. 

Before each yoga class I prepare myself to see each person’s wholeness. In every yoga class I intend to co-create an inclusive space for learning and self-discovery. I invite students to enquire, feel and perceive. The theme of compassion, wholeness, acceptance through storytelling and breath awareness is centred in all my teaching.


To honour the roots of yoga I explain the origins and purpose of yoga and movement practices developed by my ancestors. When I teach, I heal myself and others and reconnect to divinity. 

As an artist I bring to the table the skills of expression and creativity which over time I plan to explore in the yoga space. I do the work and put in the effort to understand other perspectives so I can heal/teach with care and love.


Statement of commitment to all my students: 

I commit to creating spaces that are liberating where people can breathe, move freely, and express their full self. I commit to creating spaces of enquiry. I commit to spaces where consent and ‘speaking up’ can be expressed and will be respected. I commit to reminding people that their yoga practice is theirs.  


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